Release your Past. Recover your Value. Reinvent your Life.
Betrayal is one of the most painful human experiences.
I know, cause I've been where you are!
Successful Women...
Are you ready to FINALLY
move past the pain of betrayal
and find the confidence, strength, and power to create a new life?
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 Bounce Back After Betrayal
7 Steps to Emotional Freedom

What you will gain from this ebook:
  • Discover the four myths that will hold you back from  bouncing forward
  • Understand how grief plays a part of the betrayal trauma and how to move through it to the hidden sixth stage
  • Learn the secret to releasing blame and shame in one simple step
  • Gain control during the chaos with 7 easy to do actions
  • Find your own answers to three questions that will begin the healing process and get unstuck
This ebook is for you if:
  • You’ve always been the one people run to for help so being vulnerable is very hard for you
  • You’re tired of wearing the mask … being ‘fine' when you’re not ok
  • Life is messy, anger is good, but people aren't comfortable with that feeling, especially in women, so you’re stuck pretending and you’re tired of that
  • You know what success and happiness looks like because you’ve had it before but your confidence has been eroded and you don’t recognize the woman in the mirror anymore
  • You can't sleep, find your mind racing in circles, and don't know how to stop the negative self-talk
There is a way to bounce back after betrayal.
You can come out of this experience a better YOU.
About The Author
Ali Davidson
I’m Ali Davidson and I know first hand what it takes to reclaim your life after betrayal and loss. I have been a coach for over 23 years, an international best selling author, a speaker and a teacher. But what makes me an expert on betrayal is my own experience of losing my business, my home, my money and being cheated on by my husband and best friend. Although this was the most devastating experience of my life, it was also the seed of what was to become my life’s work.  Now my mission is to help other women transform their lives and become the best version of themselves. 
Betrayal trauma produces the same symptoms as PTSD.  I’ve met women who appeared to survive being betrayed by using coping strategies that allowed them to fake it. But the impact was a life with little joy, little trust, and any success they had was not driven by passion but instead by the need to suppress the pain.
It doesn’t have to be that way.  So go ahead, click the BUTTON  below right now and you're well on your way to going from "life detoured" to "life empowered"
What others are saying...
  • Ali Davidson has given me the gift of finding a new path to follow. From painful and heartbreaking life experiences to a new destination of a life filled with self love, confidence, joy, dreams of the future, and a peaceful and healed heart!  
    My warm thanks and gratitude to you Ali.
    Sandi F
  • I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking real-life resources in healing the emotional wounds that keep us from thriving after loss and emotional abandonment.
    Michele K
  • Ali guides us in understanding that we don’t need to forgive others to heal ourselves.  After reading this book, I was left with hope and a deep knowing that I am not alone
    Julie M
  • Ali you came into my life at just the right moment. Your words made me feel safe and not alone anymore. 
    Debbie B
  • I find Ali to be very insightful and helpful. She is someone who lives her truth and practices what she teaches!
    Kim Q
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